laughter project

Laughter is contagious, and let's face it... saying cheese doesn't bring out the real emotion in your kids.

Let us help you preserve their fun-loving, playful youthfulness in these timeless, black and white portraits meant to evoke a feeling of happiness each time you see them.

A portion of each session fee will be donated to the Healing Arts Program at St. Peter's Health and the Holter Museum of Art, where art is used to heal and bring joy to those battling cancer.

session details

february 4, 2021

15 minute session + ordering session


Laughter Project
Laughter Project

how it works

1) Schedule session by filling out the form below and pay your $100 non-refundable reservation fee.

2) Laugh, play and enjoy your session with us. Siblings are welcome to join in the fun as well.

3) We will edit your directly after your session and have a viewing and ordering session at the same time. This is where you choose what photos and products (gift prints, enlargements, wall art, etc) best fit your needs.

*NOTE: NO digital copies or products are included in session fee, but may be purchased during your ordering session.

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