smoke bomb sessions

The smoke is here to stay… why not use it to our advantage?

Introducing our latest Limited Edition Session...Smoke Bomb Sessions: a great way to produce dynamic, unique photos with a pop of color.

Perfect for kids, adults, couples, and families, we’ve got giant smoke bombs ready to create some really colorful images!

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august 16, 2021

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Sprinkler Sessions

how it works

1) Schedule session by filling out the form below and pay your $175 non-refundable reservation fee.

2) Laugh, play and enjoy your session with us. Each session will be given two 90-second smoke bombs to use during their shoot, so it will go quickly.

3) Once your proofs are edited and ready to view, we schedule a viewing and ordering session where you choose what photos and products (gift prints, enlargements, wall art, etc) best fit your needs.

*NOTE: NO digital copies or products are included in session fee, but may be purchased during your ordering session.

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