Backyard Montana Wedding: Kayla + Brent

June 28, 2022

This storybook backyard wedding just outside Montana City, MT emphasized everything we love about choosing people over production, telling a story of one couple’s close-knit village coming together to build a Montana wedding dream.

Before Kayla and Brent even got engaged, she knew they’d be married in his sister’s backyard.

With its Montana pines, wildflower painted meadows and rich family history of his sister’s own wedding bells echoing from their parent’s property only a stone’s throw away, the home tucked into the hills of Jefferson county was made for wedding dress dreams.

This weekend the heart of Kayla and Brent’s love story finally culminated on those same family grounds. 

A village of loved ones gained by blood and choice alike gathered from the ends of the earth, toasting, celebrating, and taking part in vows of their own to rally behind the newlyweds on their next great adventure.

And if it takes a village to build a life, Kayla’s and Brent’s is the one for the job.

Whether it was the reunion of coast-to-coast cousins, finding their officiant in a lifelong friend, taking a quick photo detour to the neighbor’s Sleeping Giant view or hiring their nephew as a designated golf cart chauffeur, each piece of their backyard fairytale was a brick carefully placed by their loved ones.

Perhaps this is the beauty of the backyard wedding;  it allows you to focus on what matters and skip what doesn’t.

Somewhere something shifts, giving you permission to turn focus away from people pleasing a sea of faces toward an authentic, intimate celebration with the ones you love most.

For Kayla and Brent, their decision to focus on people over mass production resulted in something carrying both timeless class and warm familiarity, from wildflower bouquets and a 1920’s Tiffany ring to tables dressed with bottles from the winery of their first date and watercolor table cards of wild Montana trout, grizzlies and songbirds painted by the groom’s own hand.

Their ceremony offered their loved ones the chance to participate in an impactful vow of community, while their reception offered dance parties fueled by laughter, sparklers, and signature Montana mules. 

Every moment underscored a beautiful focus on their community, relationship, and love itself, hand-designed by two people choosing a day stripped away of needless hollow production in favor of what truly matters to them.

Because at its core, a wedding is more than a production, a party, or a reenactment of tradition. 

It is more than bridesmaid dresses, floral arrangements or the perfect bouquet toss.

A wedding is a celebration of love and a culmination of community.

And at the end of the day, when you strip away the trappings, hairspray and production value, this is what you are left with -

two people and their village coming together with bricks and champagne in tow, ready to lay a foundation and bring down the house.


Dress: Brides For a Cause

Makeup and Hair: Sugar Salon

DJ: Folkology

Catering: 612ChefWorks

Floral Designer / Wedding Planner: Dolce Floral and Events

Photographer: Floating Leaf Studios

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