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Canyon Ferry Vow Renewal: Kayleen + Sean

March 18, 2021

This summer vow renewal on Canyon Ferry Lake was the perfect reason to pause and celebrate, with a small gathering of family at the cabin, stunning views overlooking the lake, and ten years worth of stories that bond a couple together forever.

More people need to do vow renewals, plain and simple.

Too often, I think we forget to pause and celebrate.

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate each day and this ten year vow renewal on Canyon Ferry Lake was the epitome of the perfect reason. It might not feel like the pinnacle of achievement but I promise you that doesn’t deflate its importance.

Lots can happen in ten years, especially in a marriage. Yes, the wedding day is a big moment in that journey, but when you collect all the moments and stories throughout that first decade together, they can create a patchwork totally worthy of a celebration.

Like the birth of children, who become master vow writers and song players at a ten year celebration. They even make sure the proper paperwork is signed to make it official.

Like how the bride’s original wedding ring almost amputated her finger when a dumbbell crushed it out of shape during a workout. Luckily, with some quick thinking, she used a shop vice grip to bend it back enough to get her finger out safely.

Like how two people grow so inseparably together that it is 1000% visible the moment you meet them. They unendingly love each other more this day than they did ten years ago.

And, that is without a doubt worthy of celebration.

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