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Summer Star Ranch Wedding: Jenny + Zach

June 28, 2022

This Memorial Day weekend wedding just outside Helena, MT combined Summer Star Ranch’s signature rustic feel with spirited family fun and their own quiet fingerprints, showcasing the value in taking a moment to enjoy the moment.

The best weddings are rooted in authenticity -


a collection of the couple’s own fingerprints and memories, gathered together to illustrate their own unique love story.


Jenny and Zach’s Memorial Day wedding personified this perfectly.


From a Busch Light slinging Beer Man to family prayers, antler details and generations of loved ones coming together, every piece of this weekend was stamped with their signature and made unapologetically their own. 


However, this spirit of personal authenticity carried beyond the noise and excitement of wild laughter, cold beer and fireside celebrations into an instance of quieter intention:

a pausing breath, carved out by two people who understood the value in setting aside a single moment just for them. 


This breath of fresh air came in the form of their first look - an intimate moment spent remembering the heart, memories and promises behind their love story, tucked away from earshot and expectations.

Unfolding handwritten letters, they recounted wildflower smiles, bike riding lessons and cabin adventures, sprinkled with lighthearted Bachelor references and underscored by the heartfelt promises and joys of gaining a husband and a son; each breath drawing tearful emotion and exemplifying gospel sentiments of steadfast love and a family becoming one.


This brief moment shared behind the cabin carried weight as something transformative: it saw the steadying of individuals, the communion of hearts, and the galvanization of a family.


Carving out this pause created a rare space of private authenticity, allowing them to reveal the contents of the heart in an intimate way, immortalized through handwritten letters to be treasured in their souls (and on their walls) forever. 


Maybe granting yourself a brief moment of pause and privacy before the aisle serves to emphasize its value beyond it.


The best weddings are rooted in authenticity, and Jenny & Zach took this to heart. 


There is beauty in moving beyond impersonal Pinterest dreams, performances and playing into what you feel something “should” look like into handcrafting every page of each chapter together with elements and fingerprints as unique as your love story itself; treating every aspect with the integrity and intention of an authentic life, made complete by both the party and the pause.


 And, perhaps most of all, recognizing the value in taking a moment to enjoy the moment.


Venue: Summer Star Ranch

Florals: Dragonfly Designs

Makeup and Hair: Euclid Ave Salon

Cake: Vanilla Bean Bakery

Catering: Shellie's Country Cafe

Bar Services: The Glass Slipper

DJ: KBK Entertainment

Videographer: Richie Melby Media

Photographer: Floating Leaf Studios

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