Kelsey + Ethan
Nervous, maybe a little embarrassed, but very excited is definitely how Ethan and I felt about getting in front of the camera today. It’s not easy to be “lovey dovey” in front of someone, but it’s moments like these that we get to cherish forever because we were blessed with someone to capture them. Today, Ethan I and were able to really live in the moment because it never felt like anyone was there with us. This session was by far the most fun we’ve had with a photographer, and these smiles and kisses will be ones that I will forever hold close to my heart because they were some of the last before the MR and MRS. So grateful for Floating Leaf Studios for working their artistic magic, and we look forward to having you as a part of our wedding💕
Jenna + Carden
My husband and I have always considered ourselves pretty awful at getting our pictures taken...that is until we had Floating Leaf Studios do our engagement and wedding photography. Anyone who has ever met Garrett could tell you that he is a completely comfortable and genuine person to be around. His demeanor, along with his incredible talent, allowed us to finally enjoy having our pictures taken. Garrett takes the time to get to know the couple's personalities, interests, and interactions with each other before the wedding. In-turn, this produces wedding photos that not only capture everlasting moments; but also the true character of the couple together. If you are looking for someone that will go way beyond the expected, go no further than Floating Leaf Studios.
Courtney + Jordan
I know a lot of photographers through family and friends that I could have chosen to photograph our wedding, but we got a referral to check out Floating Leaf Studios’ work and I was instantly amazed. After meeting with them and doing our engagement shoot, all of my expectations were exceeded. The quality of their work is exceptional, I would not go anywhere else!
Olivia + Sean
Sean and I can't stop looking at our wedding photos! Garrett and Jacqui made sure to capture every small moment we planned and left nothing unseen. There are no words to explain their talent and passion and we both recommend them to anyone and everyone beginning this journey! Garrett and Jacqui were awesome! They let us be us (not great with pictures and posing) and made sure that the day they captured was our day. Looking back at the pictures, they took the time to take in every moment Sean and I planned and thought through, making sure we would remember it for our lifetime together!