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Floating Leaf Studios
Floating Leaf Studios
Floating Leaf Studios
Floating Leaf Studios

Telling your story through professional photography & videography.


Garrett Thompson Photographer Helena Montana


Growing up my mother always had a camera, it didn’t matter the occasion.


Backyard birthday parties, she clicked away.


State Championship football game at midfield during introductions, she clicked away.


Moments big and small, she clicked away, much to the chagrin of her two boys that usually rolled their eyes at her persistence to capture the memories.


It wasn’t until later that I appreciated what she was doing, giving us glimpses into the past and cherished keepsakes for the future.


8-year-old me would laugh at the idea that one day I would turn those same passions for cataloging the moments and experiences around us into a profession.


And yet, here we are years later and the mission is still the same…


Document the now. 


Preserve for the future.


Give the gift of memories lived well, and continue to click away for moments big and small.

Photographer / Videographer / Owner

Garrett Signature
Gianna Connelly Photographer Helena Montana

Gianna Connelly

My initial connection with photography wasn't rooted in a childhood fascination.


Growing up, it was the routine family trips and the occasional delve into a closet filled with shoeboxes that housed memories frozen in time.


It was my mother's collection of baby pictures and candid shots that unknowingly planted the seeds of my future career.

These seemingly ordinary photographs took on a profound meaning when I realized they were some of the only tangible moments I had with my grandpa before he departed.


The images became a bridge to memories I had forgotten, a portal to emotions and experiences frozen in each frame.

This realization became the driving force behind my mission as a photographer.


I am driven by the desire to help people document the special moments that unfold in the quiet corners of life—the moments between the grand events that often define our memories.


I believe in the power of capturing the essence of relationships, the joy in everyday routines, and the beauty in fleeting moments.

Photographer / Videographer

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