I'm Garrett,
Montana wedding and portrait photographer at Floating Leaf Studios.

Authentic Montana love stories give me life. I grew up in Montana and, as the saying goes, have "the same s*** on my boots as you do."

I love where we live. I love the history, and grandeur, and poetic beauty that is the Big Sky State. I work in a building constructed in 1884, and constantly stare out our studio windows at Mt. Helena, only two minutes away.

I think weddings, like the wild Montana mountains, deserve to be observed with splendor, and that splendor turned into art. My job is to create images that you are just as excited about in thirty years as you are on your wedding day.

I document legacy. I cherish authentic. I aim for connection.

Do you?

Garrett Thompson
Garrett Thompson
Garrett Thompson

Who am I, you ask?

Born in Choteau, Montana and while still leaving a chunk of my heart on the Rocky Mountain Front, I played football for Carroll College (GO SAINTS!). I now teach photography there, too.

I'm a husband to one. I'm a father to two.

My attire consists of bolo ties and drink only gin.

I throw ceramic pots in my basement and could spend all day doing it.

Country music dominates the radio station in my truck and I can speak anyone under the table in a hashtag battle. #Seriously #TryMe

Also, I cry at father-daughter dances. It's a weakness.