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March 13, 2023

When preparing for your headshot session, it's important to consider what to wear. Your outfit can make a significant impact on the final result and how you are perceived by your audience.

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Garrison’s historic 45 barn offered the perfect late summer backdrop to a Montana wedding unshaken by life’s unexpected moments, while McKenah and Pat provided a masterclass in carving out time all to yourselves - through hell, high water, and maybe a runaway train or too.

Kim & Adrian’s early August celebration began with a North Valley ceremony and ended with the perfect downtown Helena vintage getaway car milestone, demonstrating that when you take care of something, it will last.

Between sunset kisses, perfect vows and golden hour moments, Brittany + Damian’s June U Diamond Barn wedding in the Helena Valley reminded us what our Montana wedding dreams are really about: embarking on a new chapter with love, wonder, and maybe a longhorn cow or two.

This storybook backyard wedding just outside Montana City, MT emphasized everything we love about choosing people over production, telling a story of one couple’s close-knit village coming together to build a Montana wedding dream.

This easygoing June wedding held at Kleffner Ranch in Helena, Montana gave us everything we could’ve wanted: great people, personal connection, and the perfect opportunity to create a letter of love and celebration for our bride, pieced together under a red barn sunset by those they love most.

This beautiful wedding in sunbathed Marysville, MT showcased a rustic secluded venue full of promises and ancient traditions, all ready to share in the love found between friends, spouses, and family, present and not.

This stormy June wedding at Kleffner Ranch in Helena MT created a different meaning for the idiom “a perfect storm”, and turned the Montana downpour into a beautiful and magical evening.

This Memorial Day weekend wedding just outside Helena, MT combined Summer Star Ranch’s signature rustic feel with spirited family fun and their own quiet fingerprints, showcasing the value in taking a moment to enjoy the moment.

This backyard Anaconda, Montana wedding, right across the street from Fairmont Hot Springs, was a perfect celebration after being delayed by a pandemic for over 371 days.

This Cathedral wedding in Helena, MT combined the perfect amount of tradition and unconventional. A traditional Catholic church wedding followed by a giant reception in their parent's backyard, Janelle and Jonny's day was the best of both worlds.

This outdoor, summer wedding at Staubach Creek Ranch in East Helena, MT integrated some Greek culture with a Montana-style, barnyard celebration.

This Memorial Day wedding at Summer Star Ranch in Helena, MT brought an out-of-state couple to Big Sky Country where their day included good people, good sunsets, and even a coffee truck.

This spring Montana wedding at Summer Star Ranch in Helena, MT was a long time in the making, but their rustic party and sentimental touches made it perfect in every way.

This summer vow renewal on Canyon Ferry Lake was the perfect reason to pause and celebrate, with a small gathering of family at the cabin, stunning views overlooking the lake, and ten years worth of stories that bond a couple together forever.

This ranch engagement in Townsend, Montana brought together a couple with deep Montana roots, and a very meaningful story of the location we shot.

This mid-September wedding at Kleffner Ranch in East Helena, MT came full circle, and offered an opportunity to make stylish and dramatic images with a very laid back couple.

No matter what session type you choose, there are a few things that always come with. You still get the FLS style, but most of all you still get the same amazing, goofy, spontaneous, fun loving photographers that make this whole experience worth it’s weight in gold.

Kendra and Cole's late May Montana wedding at Deep Creek Range in Livingston, MT brought a balance of simplicity and sophistication in a time when a global pandemic brought neither, and reminded us that even in the midst of turmoil joy and happiness can be created.

This spring maternity session in Helena, MT, complete with wildflowers, spotty Montana weather, and a breathtaking mountain top scene, was a perfect evening reconnecting with one of our favorite clients as they await the arrival of their new little bundle of joy.

We all want authentic portraits, but how is that done? It isn't by constructing a persona, it's done by letting go.

This vintage themed spring styled shoot at Shades of Green in Helena, MT was a dream to us on many fronts. It involved many of our favorite wedding vendors at our favorite venue, and it became our first publication on Rocky Mountain Bride!

Elopements don’t have to mean a grungy chapel in Las Vegas or a quick trip to the Courthouse. They can mean gassing up the snowmobile, wearing a dress under your snowsuit, grabbing the dog (and a few beers), bringing a handful of friends of family, and heading into the woods. Sometimes paring down a wedding experience to only the necessary things adds a beauty all its own to the moment. That’s exactly what we did with Michaela and Abraham’s winter elopement in Marysville, MT.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Dirt roads make everything better, including photos.It’s kind of become our mantra, and Montana ranch weddings make this statement come true. Case in point, Cassidy and Zayne’s wedding at Summer Star Ranch outside of Helena, MT.

Keeli and Spencer's summer wedding at Shades of Green almost didn't happen because of a health scare. In the end, everything turned out exactly the way it was supposed to, but not without a lesson in the middle.

This Kleffner Ranch wedding in Helena, Montana was a dream for any wedding photographer. Kelsey and Ethan's wedding was perfectly balanced between rustic and sophisticated, combining natural elements and modern styles. Couple that with their infectious happiness and dreamy evening light, and you get this stunning series of memories in photographic form.

Annie + Colter's awe-inspiring spring wedding at Kleffner Ranch in Helena, Montana showcases authentic and meaningful country themes, and a fun-loving attitude of gratefulness as their begin their journey towards forever.

This snowy Montana engagement session near the Sleeping Giant outside Helena, MT shows how amazing a couples session can look in the winter time. Add in an adventurous couple and local microbrew and you have the ingredients for the perfect photography experience.

This spring wedding at the Hart Ranch Wedding and Event Venue in Bozeman, Montana brought together a military man and his bride. With rain in the forecast and clouds in the hills, Elizabeth and Anthony vowed forever as her mother watched down from on high, her spirit intertwined throughout the day in the form of two white roses.

I got to be the perfect excuse for a fun-loving couple up for any adventure, to sit at the top of the hill with a beer in hand, and wait for the sunset to be just right... which, as it turns out, is the perfect way to create a memory that makes life’s unexpected events a little more bearable.

A well-stocked wedding day emergency kit can be a lifesaver in combating anything your day can throw at you. After shooting dozens of weddings and seeing all sorts of things happen, we’ve compiled a comprehensive kit that will protect you from all sorts of inconveniences and can make the experience of the day way better. Here are the 26+ essential items to include in your wedding day emergency kit.

Our theory for engagement sessions is to do them around something that makes the couple unique. That way the images just make sense, and can heighten the meaning of the couple in them. In this instance for Annie and Colter, we found a connection to ranch life in Montana, something his family has been a part of for generations.

Planning a wedding is a lot of work. We get it. Countless decisions, made over months or years, have lead you to this point where your wedding day is within sight. Before you know it, the day will be here and gone, and the memories (and the photos) will be the only thing that remain. Here are 8 ways to de-stress your wedding day and be truly present in the moment.

This guide offers a complete list of wedding venues in Helena, MT. From rustic barn weddings to intimate backyard-type gatherings, spaces large and small, there is a space for everyone in this list.

First looks can create lots of advantages on your wedding day. It is worth discussing with your partner about how you want to set up your wedding schedule and if a first look can help with making your day less about the hustle and more about the meaning.