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Professional Videography, Helena, Montana


Designed to capture the unique personality of your family, our limited edition sessions are a must-have for those looking to capture authentic joy.


Our approach is simple: we create a relaxed, natural environment that encourages genuine emotions and captures them in stunning photographs. 

Not everyone loves spending time in front of the camera, we get it.

Limited Edition Sessions are designed to be efficient, with a specific goal in mind.

Perfect for kids with shorter attention spans, or fathers that would rather be watching the game.

Shorter Sessions

Because of the shorter, more efficient sessions on a specific day and time, Limited Edition Sessions are more cost effective than traditional sessions.

Traditional sessions throughout the year follow a different pricing structure, but give more flexibility in location and length of session.

Better Pricing

Limited Edition Sessions are designed to include some sort of printed product with the shoot, whether that is a piece of wall art or an album.

Of course, our full range of products are available for purchase after any FLS shoot, but our LES sessions include at least one printed piece, unlike our traditional sessions.

Includes a Product

Why choose a LES?

Upcoming Sessions

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