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Great Northern Town Center Wedding : Kim + Adrian

November 28, 2022

Kim & Adrian’s early August celebration began with a North Valley ceremony and ended with the perfect downtown Helena vintage getaway car milestone, demonstrating that when you take care of something, it will last.


There are eight thousand miles and ten years between a Gold Coast first impression and a Miller’s Crossing second chance.

There are fifty thousand miles even and seventy years more on the perfect vintage getaway car.

And there are a million and one invisible strings tying these two together.

Kim and Adrian first met twenty years ago as eighteen year old kids en route to an Australian All-Star game. 

A cheerleader and a football player, the beginning writes itself -

until nerves get in the way, preventing him from ever even mustering up the nerve to talk to her.

But ten years later, a chance run-in in a hometown bar gave these two a second chance;

And it’s safe to say he didn’t let this one get away. 

However, this love story goes deeper than flashy cars and fairytale endings. 

And when we celebrated that vintage baby blue Impala rolling over 50,000 miles in the reception hall parking lot, it was more than just a coincidence.

It was a symbol.

There are a million stories between that getaway car and the day it left the lot, and getting it to this point was a long time coming.

But you see, if you know much about cars, you know that by the time the odometer turns over, these classics are barely broken in.

And if you know much about cars, you know that when you take care of something?

It can last forever. 

And like a classic car of sunset colors and American steel,These two were built to stand the test of time.You see, Kim and Adrian share a bond cemented in history and strengthened through a million little strings of fate and circumstance.

They hold the type of easy familiarity and soul-deep connection formed only over the span of a twenty year journey. 

Their love is traveled, steadfast and certain, made from the same cloth of timeless romance drawing nostalgia from poets and dominating the airwaves of classic radio.

But while every mile marker, pit stop and scenic route holds the key to a thousand lived moments and memories, the truth is?

There is so much road left to travel. 

Because at 50,000 miles, the odometer turns over once more to a new beginning -

A blank slate nodding to the existence of something holding both a past and a future. 

When it comes down to it, maybe a life well lived is not a drag race;

A hard and fast blur of passing trees and quick left turns, forsaking scenery for speed with no time to breathe. 

Maybe a life well lived is a winding Sunday drive, holding hands in a 50’s Impala; 

A long time coming and forever to go.




Venue: Great Northern Hotel / Our Redeemers Lutheran Church

Photographer: Floating Leaf Studios

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