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Kleffner Ranch Wedding : Morgan + Tyler

June 28, 2022

This easygoing June wedding held at Kleffner Ranch in Helena, Montana gave us everything we could’ve wanted: great people, personal connection, and the perfect opportunity to create a letter of love and celebration for our bride, pieced together under a red barn sunset by those they love most.


Wedding photographers have always been storytellers.

Illustrating love stories, chasing light and seeking to bottle time in a single frame;. 

we are behind the lens to draw connections, capture memories and craft a love letter to the next chapter in their lives. 

And when you take a wedding day spent with two people as likable as Morgan and Tyler, the love letters to their special day practically write themselves.

But when we fell in love with this couple, it was clear to see from the community gathered around them that we weren’t alone.

So this time, we decided to change things up a bit by putting the pen in the hands of those who love them the most.

Somewhere between an iconic wedding gown keg tap moment, dramatic storm cell sunset and warm Solo cup send off, we slipped away to gather some other pieces of Morgan and Tyler’s love story, creating a patchwork letter of love and celebration for our bride. 

From lighthearted sister confessions to Arizona spitfire stories and flower girl wishes, here’s our collection of moments, memories and well wishes for the new Mrs. Craig.

“The night they met, I was 5000 miles and over half a dozen time zones away in Sweden. My morning - the middle of the night for him - was greeted with a drunk phone call absolutely gushing over this girl he’d met. I’ve never seen him act like that over anything, he didn’t even sound like himself - he was smitten from the start, and he couldn’t stop telling me how gorgeous she was, over and over again. Then the moment I met her, I knew it was going to last. My brother was obsessed with her from the jump - and now we’re all obsessed with her too.”  

♥ Erin | Sister of the Groom 

“Morgan has been my little spitfire since the day she was born. From moments in grade school holding her own up against bigger kids at the drinking fountain to carving out the life of her dreams, she has always known exactly what she wanted - she still does, and she’s getting it here.”

♥ Mother of the Bride 

“The night our son told us he found ‘the one’, he was so certain. Then he paused for a moment and asked, “..but how do you know?” And that’s the thing, isn’t it? Sometimes, you just know. I love you, Morgan Craig - Always and Forever.” 

♥ Mother of the Groom 

“My aunt is marrying my uncle! I remember the first time I met her, when my uncle brought her over - she is so crazy and caring and loving and beautiful.. I love her.”

♥ Madisyn | age 11 

“Morgan was the first girl on the boy’s football team…need I say more?”

♥ Stepfather of the Bride

“Morgan is just a truly good human. She is genuine and she’ll tell it like it is, even when nobody else will. She is true to herself and true to me, and no matter how much time we spend apart, we will always be family.”

♥ Delaney | Maid of Honor 

“I will never get over how amazing she is. Morgan’s personality and outlook on life is something I aspire to. She’s the person who can make anything an adventure, and I wouldn’t trade the rides we’ve shared for anything.”

 ♥ Amber | Bridesmaid 

“Morgan and I click because we’re just so similar. But the secret is she’s probably funnier than I am - even if I’ll never admit that again.”

 ♥ Holly | Sister of the Groom

“Morgan is really kind and so very nice, especially when she tries to tickle us while playing tag. She is probably the nicest person in the world.”

♥ Riley | Flower Girl | age 8 

“Above all else, Morgan will always have her heart, and those that share it will always be blessed; it is uncommonly big, and always willing to step up for her family and her friends. I saw it today, and I see it every day.”

♥ Father of the Bride 

“My favorite thing about Morgan is her endless sass and fun outlook on life. She will always be the person I call to do anything exciting.”

♥ Liv | Sister of the Bride

“My favorite times with Morgan are always marked by a great destination and greater conversation. I will never forget the life she brought to our trip to Disney - she brings more life to mine.”

♥ Torre | Brother of the Bride

“Part of the reason all of this is so beautiful is because this love itself - Morgan herself - is just so beautiful. And it’s a beauty that goes so far beyond the surface. She carries it, inside and out, this spirit of determination, strength and kindness - today and every day.”

♥ Stepmother of the Bride 

“I love reminiscing about our childhood with my sister. We got into so much and have so many memories together, I’m so thankful for those trips down memory lane.” 

 ♥ Indigo | Sister of the Bride

“That’s really the thing about Morgan - she never hesitates. Not in pursuing her teaching dreams, not in the way she cares fiercely about my brother, not in the way she fit into our family and friends like a lost puzzle piece - she never hesitated. And we never hesitated to fall in love with her either.”

♥ Erin | Sister of the Groom 

Maybe every love story is a collection of moments and memories, pieced together by the people who matter most. 

Here’s to a life underscored by good people and good stories. 

Here’s to a life with no hesitation.




Makeup: Lexi Warburton

Catering: Hans Friedmann

Photographer: Floating Leaf Studios

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