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Marysville, MT Wedding : Molly + Alex

June 28, 2022

This beautiful wedding in sunbathed Marysville, MT showcased a rustic secluded venue full of promises and ancient traditions, all ready to share in the love found between friends, spouses, and family, present and not.


There are many people you want to be present on your wedding day, but sometimes life has other plans. 

Molly and Alex’s Marysville, Montana wedding was the perfect tribute to those present in spirit, while looking toward creating a future together.

What started in a texting mix-up with Molly trying to sell him a dirty, holey tent during the bleak quarantine dating scene, this day brought things old and new together in a perfect cocoon of love. 

On both sides of Alex’s family, Grandfathers have since passed, but by wearing special mementos of theirs; a St. Christopher medal, a tie clip, and cufflinks, Alex did them private homage and brought them back into the special day.

Emotion and sentiment was tangible as Alex’s mother and father adorned him with their fathers mementos, no doubt feeling each of their dads love and presence in that moment. 

Later at the ceremony, using a Celtic tradition that dates back over 9000 years, these two literally tied lives together, and brought a unique element to their wedding ceremony that fuses their past with their future.

And with the guidance of those gone, but never forgotten, and those still here to offer their insight, these two can forge ahead to create their own piece of the story.




Catering: The Redneck Grill

Makeup and Hair: Sugar Salon

Photographer: Floating Leaf Studios

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